The Kennebunkport Historical Society has a range of volunteer opportunities year round. Here is the current list of Winter 2015/2016 volunteer opportunities:


Office Aid – Working with bulk mailings, filing, etc.

Archival Restructuring Aid – Working with our Archivist to filter through the archive and aid in the creation of a new system for both the physical and digital archives.

Research Aid – Utilizing the archive, book collection, and internet to answer research requests.

Transcribing Aid – While restructuring/ digitizing the archive it is our goal to transcribe as many hand written documents as possible, including letters, notes, and previous research reports. This can easily be done remotely through emails at your leisure.


Decorating White Columns – The Week of November 16th the Kennebunkport Historical Society will be decorating White Columns in preparation for the annual Prelude Celebration ! This years theme is the Sounds of the Season! With every room being inspired by a different classic Christmas song.

Gift Store Clerk – Prelude is the busiest time of the season. We can always use a hand in the gift store from December 4rd through December 12th.


Please contact us for information on current committees.

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Please contact us if you’d like to volunteer at Kennebunkport Historical Society.